Feathers are magic. Malleable material, symbol of beauty and power. Since three generations we re-create fashion and design through natures first element of beauty, feathers. From our ancient craftmenship rises our bet creation, Nanà Firenze, our masterpiece collection of head-dress & accessories, entirely created with feathers and love. Head sculptures, fashinators for ceremony and everyday use. Feathered bags, fashion ornam

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The birth of Filistrucchi company, the oldest workshop of Florence passed on from father to son, dates back to 1720.

The secrets of the ancient craft, wigmaking tradition and make-up, have been handed down from generation to generation, and today, along with the newest and most modern techniques, help ensure valuable high quality handmade products. We produce wigs, beards, mustaches, hairpieces, and akin in natural hair

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The “Oltrarno” area, which lies on the left bank of the Arno River, is the home of Florence’s artisan and craftsmen.

Here you can find Spazio NOTA – Nuova Officina Toscana Artigianato, a multifunctional place for cultural events and programmes, counselling and educational activities, training courses all relating to artistic craftsmanship and especially to tailoring and fashion world

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