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Scenographic practice in contemporary chamber Theatre

Scenographic practice in contemporary chamber Theatre by Benjamin Schostakowski   This PhD research project explored scenographic practice in the creation and presentation of contemporary chamber theatre. The employed practice-led approach allowed for exploration of theoretical insights around stage composition within the chamber theatre form, directly resulting in the creation of two new performance works. This document […]


MAZZANTI PIUME Feathers are magic. Malleable material, symbol of beauty and power. Since three generations we re-create fashion and design through natures first element of beauty, feathers. From our ancient craftmenship rises our bet creation, Nanà Firenze, our masterpiece collection of head-dress & accessories, entirely created with feathers and love. Head sculptures, fashinators for ceremony and […]

World Scenography 1990-2005

World Scenography Book Project Mission Statement World Scenography is a new book series that documents significant contemporary theatrical design worldwide since 1975. There has been no comprehensive documentation of global scenography since the four-volume series Stage Design Throughout the World, by Belgian professor René Hainaux, covered the period 1935-1975. This new series, to be published […]

Theatre Arts Creative Enterprises

Art Entrepreneurship and the Cultural Industries The idea that arts businesses are somehow not serious businesses, that they are frivolous or insignificant, tended to be common during the 1980s; but this view is much less widely held now and entrepreneurship in the creative industry sector has been now recognized as a distinctive and increasingly important […]

Theater set construction

SET CONSTRUCTION Set construction is the process undertaken by a construction manager to build full-scale scenery, as specified by a production designer or art director working in collaboration with the director of a production to create a set for a theatrical, film or television production. The set designer produces a scale model, scale drawings, paint […]

Eighteenth Century theater costumes

More than just a beauty mark and a towering crown of powdered hair, 18th century costumes allow actors to portray the different aspects of their characters while staying within the height of fashion and style. Quite different from today’s casual dress of jeans and T-shirts, the costumes worn in the 18th century were distinctive with […]

The decoration of the Theatre costume

HAND PRINTING ON FABRIC To create theatrical costumes is it necessary a preliminary philological study in accord to creating a realistic dress able to support the illusion on the stage. It’s necessary to follow style of ancient manner, select fabrics that are suitable to make the correct volume and to pay attention to details as […]

Sculpture for the theatre set, from fiction to reality

From a mimesis space to an emotional space. Definition  (CNRTL) Illusion [As a principle of mistake in the sensitive field] False perception insofar as it doesn’t match reality considered as objective, and which can be normal or not, natural or artificial. In the theater, one plays on the proper qualities of human perception to translate […]

The Parisian ENSAAMA School of Applied Arts open its doors to a European Project

OmA is a leading partner in the European T.H.E.A.T.E.R. Erasmus+ project which organizes theatrical training workshops for young Italian, French and Bulgarian costume and set designers. The first encounter, aimed at creating eighteenth century prototypes, sewn, decorated and aged using non-conventional techniques, took place at the Pergola Theatre costume and scenery workshop in Florence in […]

Ageing techniques for historical costumes

THE AGEING OF THEATER COSTUME MANUAL TECHNIQUES, ARTIFICIAL DEGRADATION AND SCENOGRAPHIC INTERVENTIONS   THE HISTORICAL COSTUME It is essential for a costume designer who wants to follow directorial directions of a naturalistic and credible production to start with a historical – philological research prior to the creation of scenes and costumes. Usually, the authentic ancient […]